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Let it brew in the 512

BinxCorp is a full service coffee equipment installation and repair company based in Austin, Texas. We specialize in sales, installation, preventative maintenance and emergency repair services for all coffee brewing and dispense systems, as well as offering education for the coffee community. We’re here to keep coffee shops alive and kicking.


Coffee Machine Repair Shop Austin, Texas

Emergency Services

  • Got a coffee shop crisis? Our quick, responsive and reliable team of technicians services all coffee, espresso and tea machines in the greater Austin area.
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Espresso Machine Technician in Austin, Texas

Equipment Sales

  • Looking to furnish your new coffee shop with top of the line equipment you can trust? View our expansive inventory of food and beverage equipment here.
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Austin Commercial Coffee & Espresso Machines

Preventative Maintenance

  • Our preventative maintenance plan ensures that no coffee machine goes without a proper checkup. After all, healthy coffee machines equal happy customers.
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Austin & Round Rock, TX Barista Equipment

Barista Classes

  • Educate yourself and your team on the fundamentals of coffee brewing, from the basics of a great cup of coffee to latte art.
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