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Barista Classes

Educate yourself and your team on the fundamentals of coffee brewing. From the basics of a great cup of coffee to latte art, we’ve got it all. Learn more about our comprehensive barista class offerings below.

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Seed to Cup

As the name suggests, this class provides an overview of the coffee manufacturing process and how our coffee gets to us. From harvesting to roasting, this class is designed for seasoned baristas and shop owners to coffee industry newcomers.

Basic Espresso

This class provides detailed insight into the complex world of espresso roasting. Part lecture part practice, we’ll cover the SCA definition of espresso and step by step instructions for preparation, brewing, dosing, distribution and tamping. All levels welcome.

Milk Science

This class covers all things milk, the other major component to espresso prep. Our Milk Science class will educate you on the basic mixology of milk-and-espresso drinks, the makeup of milk, and how to steam milk properly for the best-tasting, quality product. You’ll leave this class with the knowledge of how to properly and safely prepare milk to be combined with espresso. For the barista looking to improve their skills, we recommend our more advanced class, Latte art.

Fundamentals in Brewing

The nitty gritty science behind brewing that perfect cup of coffee. The Fundamentals in brewing class will examine how coffee dissolves, what we view as “ideal” when brewing coffee and the numbers behind it. We’ll also explore how water temperature, water quality, and grind particle size can affect flavor aroma. Adequate equipment required for on-sight training.


Cupping is the standardized process in which we evaluate coffee. In this class, our students will understand the function, form, and decorum that goes into cupping. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to set up a standard cupping session, learn the basic rules that apply to the cupping tables, and even sample several coffee varietals.

Brew Methods Explored

This class aims to enlighten baristas as to how each particular coffee can taste drastically different from one brewing method to the next. We encourage our students to examine different brewing techniques and identify their personal favorites.

Advanced Espresso

This class gets into the nuts and bolts of espresso making. We will teach our students how to identify ideal espresso and the modifications necessary to yield the best flavor and extraction from the coffee. Our students will learn proper measurement techniques for pulling optimal espresso shots. We highly recommend that students take Basic Espresso as a prerequisite to this class.

Latte Art

The crowd pleaser, the repeat business maker, the bacon-bringer-homer. This class is all about the proper techniques and physics behind pouring symmetrical, consistent latte art. This class, like advanced espresso, is all practice. We highly recommend that students take Milk Science as a prerequisite to this class.